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15W Red or Blue LED Grow Light LGL0509

  • Model: LGL0509

Product Details

LGL0509 is popular for the greenhouse, home garden, farm and other places which need sufficient lights for the plant growing. It can speed up the plant growth, budding and flowering.

Main Features

1. LED Quantity: 12 x 1W LED (10pcs red and 2pcs blue)
2. Total Power Consumption: 15W
3. Dimension(mm): 50(diameter)x108(height)
4. Lighting Area: 5 Meters
5. Optional Colors:
  5.1 Red(620-660nm or 660nm)
  5.2 Blue(430-470nm)
  Red/Blue 10:2
6. Voltage: 120V-230V
7. Lumen Output: 420lm
8. Lighting Time Per Day: 8-12 hours
9. Average Life Span: Over 50,000 hours


1. Hydroponics
2. Horticulture
3. Greenhouse
4. Seeding
5. Seedling
6. Farm
7. Flower Exhibition
8. Garden
9. Bonsai

 Custom specifications are also available. Please contact us now.

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