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3528 SMD LED Strips Single Color

Product Details

3528 SMD LED strips are usually single color. It can be red, blue, green, yellow, white and warm white. Waterproof (IP65 and IP67) and non-waterproof are both available.


1. Construction decorative lighting
2. Advertisement signs
3. Car decorative lighting
4. Architectural decorative lighting
5. Archway lighting
6. Canopy lighting
7. Bridge edge lighting
8. Amusement park and theater cabin mood lighting
9. Emergency hallway lighting
10.Auditorium walkway lighting
11.Stairway accent lighting
12.Concealed lighting
13.Emergency exit path lighting
14.Cove lighting

Main Features

1. LED Sources: 3528 SMD LED
2. Colors: white, warm white, red, green, yellow, purple and pink are both available.
3. Viewing angle: 120 degrees
4. LED Quantity: 60pcs LEDs per meter
5. Working Voltage: 12V DC
6. Power Consumption: less than 4.8 W per meter
7. can be altered by cutting at the detaching point in groups of 3 LEDs each. Length of the shortest functionable unit detachable is 50mm
8. Waterproof(IP67 or IP65) or nonwaterproof are both available

Custom specifications are also available. Please feel free to contact us.

3528 SMD LED einfarbige Streifen

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