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3W Rectangular LED Recessed Lights RRS-3W3-1

  • Model: RRS-3W3-1

Product Details

RRS-3W3-1 is one of the most popular recessed products. It's widely used in residential and commercial lighting.

Main Features

1. LED: 1W Edision LED or 3W CREE LED
2. LED Quantity: 3 PCS High Power LED
3. Luminous flux:
 3.1 1W Edision LED
 Cool White: 220lm
 Warm White: 190lm
 3.2 1W CREE LED
 Cool White: 260lm
 Warm White: 230lm
4. Color Rendering Index: >80
5. Beam Angle: 30°45°60°
6. Color: White, Warm white, Red , Green, Blue, Yellow
7. Dimension: 93x93x43.5mm 
8. Cut-out Dimension: ¢80mm 
9. Material: Aluminum
10. Operation Temperature: -20oC-50oC 
11. Control System: Dimmable and intelligent control


1. Residential lighting
2. Office lighting
3. Display case lighting
4. Under cabinet lighting
5. Art lighting
6. Boat lighting
7. Accent lighting

3W rechteckige LED Einbauleuchte RRS-3W3-1

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