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40W Solar Street Lights SLSL-7325LD/40W

  • Model: SLSL-7325LD/40W

Product Details

Lamp of SLSL-7325LD/40W is 40W LSL0733-7325LD LED street lights. In order to guarantee 4 continuous working days in rainy days(12 hours everyday), solar kits are 2 units 80W solar panel and 2 units 80Ah batteries.

Main Features

1. Lamp: LSL0733-7325LD 40W LED Street Lights
2. Input voltage: 24V DC
3. Luminous Flux: ≥3200lm
4. Power Factor(PF): >0.9
5. Effective Light Angle: 130 Degree
6. Color Rendering Index: >80
7. Color Temperature: 2700K~7000K
8. Vacuum metallic membrane plating reflector
9. Life Span of LED Street Lights: >50,000 hours
10. IP Rating: IP65
11. No delay start
12. Solar panel: 80W/12V two units. Monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon.
13. Lifespan of Solar Panel: over 20 years
14. Battery: 80AH/17.3V two units. Maintenance free lead-acid battery.
15. Lifespan of Battery: 3-5 years
16. Working time: Last 4 day in continuous rainy days.(12 hours everyday)

We can also provide custom solution for your solar street lighting project. Please feel free to contact us for your solar street lighting project.


40W sonnenbetriebene Straßenlampen SLSL-7325LD/40W

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