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55W-90W LED Street light LSL0740-650LD

  • Model: LSL0740-650LD

Product Details

LSL0740-650LD is cobra head LED street lights with 2 or 4 High power LED modules. It is perfect combination with solar energy. No UV, IR, lead and mercury, widely used in yard, parking lots, highway, branch road lighting.


Main Benefits

1. Both Energy and Money Saving. Replace 100W to 240W HPS Streetlights or halogen Streetlights.
2. More accurate light distribution and less pollution
3. Long life span. That is, lower maintenance costs by reducing re-lamp frequency
4. High color rendering index.
5. Instant start up without interval.

Main Features

1.High-strength aluminum-magnesium alloy housingwith surface anodic oxidation. Impact resistance. Corrosion resisting.

2. With an excellent thermal design, luminarie heat can be conducted to the shell quickly, ensuring the LED temperature keeping below 80 degrees and expanding the lifespan.

3.High-strength frosted glass balance light and reduce dazzle.

4. Beautiful design and elegant appearance.

5. Aailable for photocell, dimmer feature.


Main Specification

1. LED Sources: 2 or 4 LED modules(Total power 55-90W).
2. Luminous Efficiency: ≥85lm/W
3. Input Voltage: AC(85V~265V )/ frequency(50~60Hz) DC(12V 24V)
4. Power Factor(PF): >0.95
5. Efficiency: 100 ~110 lm/w
6. Efficiency of the Power Supply: >90%
7. Effective Light Angle: 90 Degree
8. Color Rendering Index: >85
9. Color Temperature: 2700K~7000K
10. Net Weight(kg): 6.5 KG
11. Materials: High-purity aluminium
12. Vacuum metallic membrane plating reflector
13. High intensity toughened glass covers
14. Perfect combination with solar energy
15. Life Span: >50,000 hours
16. IP Rating: IP65
17. Lower maintenance charges.
18. Save 50%-75% electricity cost comparing with sodium street lights
19. No delay start
20. Eco-friendly: No UV, IR, leads or mercury


Applications Area

1. Branch City streets and roads
2. Office
3. Pavements
4. Squares
5. Schools
6. Parks
7. Yards
8. Inhabitancy area
9. Factories




We can also provide street lighting solution according to your requirements. If you need street lighting solution for your project, please feel free to contact us.

55W-90W LED Straßenlampen LSL0740-650LD

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