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6W/18W LED Track Lights LO-TL6W6-A - 50W Halogen Replacement

  • Model: LO-TL6W6-A

Product Details

LK-DL9021 use 6 PCS high power LED. Power consumption can be 6W or 18W. Luminous flux of 6W LED track lights can be over 500lm in cool white. It can replace 50W halogen track lights.

Main Features

1. LED Sources: 6 PCS 1W/3W LED
2. Beam Angle: 25 or 45 degree
3. Power Consumption: 6W/18W
4. Color:
 4.1 Cool White: 6300-6700K
 4.2 Pure White: 4000-4500K
 4.3 Warm White: 2800-3200K
5. Luminous Flux
 6.1 Cool White: 500lm(6W) or 900lm(18W)
 6.2 Pure White: 450lm(6W) or 850lm(18W)
 6.3 Warm White: 410lm(6W) or 680lm(18W)
7. Dimension: 200*200mm
8. Input Voltage: 100-265V AC
9. Material: Aluminum


1. Shopping Mall: product display, accent lighting or wall display
2. Office: wall washing or wall accent
3. Schools: wallboard or hall display board
4. Hospitality: wall display or perimeter accent
5. Industrial: Task lighting

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