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9W Rectangular LED Recessed Lights RRS-3W3-3

  • Model: RRS-3W3-3

Product Details

RRS-3W3-3 uses 9 PCS high power LED. Luminous flux is up to 770lm. It's a good choice for architecture lighting.

Main Features

1. LED: 1W Edision LED or 1W CREE LED
2. LED Quantity: 9 PCS High Power LED
3. Luminous flux:
 3.1 1W Edision LED
 Cool White: 640lm
 Warm White: 550lm
 3.2 1W CREE LED
 Cool White: 850lm
 Warm White: 750lm
4. Color Rendering Index: >80
5. Beam Angle: 30°45°60°
6. Color: White, Warm white, Red , Green, Blue, Yellow
7. Dimension: 260x93x43.5mm
8. Cut-out Dimension: 245x80mm
9. Material: Aluminum
10. Operation Temperature: -20oC-50oC 
11. Control System: Dimmable and intelligent control


1. Residential lighting
2. Office lighting
3. Under cabinet lighting
4. Art lighting
5. Boat lighting
6. Accent lighting

9W rechteckige LED Einbauleuchte RRS-3W3-3

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