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GU5.3 5.6W Edison LED Spotlight

  • Model: MR16-2W6

Product Details

MR16-2W6 can be used as replacement of general lighting. It is widely used in museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters, hotels and restaurants.

Main Features

1. Type: MR16 GU5.3
2. Input Voltage: AC6-17V
3. Light Source: Edison 3×2W High Power LED
4. Colors: white, warm white red, blue, green and yellow are all available.
5. Luminous Flux:
  5.1 Daylight White: 260-280lm 
  5.2 White: 240-260lm
6. Body Temperature:  -40 ~ 60 degrees Celsius
7. LED Working Temperature: less than 53°
7. Beam Angle: 30° or 38°(glass lens, optical grade)
8. Eco-friendly: No mercury, UV or IR radiation
9. Lifespan: More than 50,000 hours
10.Certification: CE and RoHS Approved

Main Applications

1. Museums
2. Art galleries
3. Cosmetic counters
4. Cabinet
5. Hotels
6. Restaurants
7. Sitting room
8. Places where UV or IR radiation is undesirable 

Custom specifications are also available, please feel free to contact us.

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