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LED Recessed Lights LULD-180 Inground

  • Model: LULD-180

Product Details

LULD-180 is used as inground lights. Power can be 12W or 15W. Colors can be red, green, blue, yellow and white. DMX 512 control is available.


1. LED Quantity: 4R+4G+4B  12R/12G/12B/12Y/12W  5R+5G+5B  15R/15G/15B/15Y/15W
2. LED Power: 12W or 15W
3. Input Voltage: AC100~240V
4. Frequency Range: 50~60Hz
5. Projection Distance: ≤15m
6. Reference Lens: 15°25°45°
7. Controlling Type: DMX512 or Constant Current
8. Temperature of Working Condition: -25℃~50℃
9. Humidity of Working Condition: 10%~90%
10.Lifespan >30000H
11.Protection Grade: IP67
12.Lamp Weight: 2.8Kg


1. The lamp body adopts the high-pressure die-casting aluminum material. The buried barrel adopts the high-quality corrosion-resistant nylon.
2. The diffuser adopts the thickening toughened glass, having the advantages in impact resistance and abrasion.
3. The light source adopts RGB which can be chosen in single or three basic colors. It is made of high-quality LED products.
4. High intensity thickening toughened glass and the die-casting aluminum material guarantee the first cover can withstand 5000KG of gravity.


1. Park
2. Square
3. Residential area
4. Business area
5. Greenland
6. Step
7. Path

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LED Einbauleuchte LULD-180 im Untergrund

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