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24th May
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Because technology of LED improved, effiency of LED became higher and higher. Price became lower and lower. Many customers accpet our LED products. Our LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED industrial lights and LED strips are popular in many countries.

Initial effiency of our products is over 100lm/w. Maintain effiency of our products is over 80lm/w. So, they are widely used to replace incandescent, high pressure sodium, mercury and halogen lamps.

Because of energy saving, price of solar kits for LED lights is much lower. So, solar LED lights are accept in many projects.

Technology of solar and LED improved fast. Thereby, we believe solar LED lights will be a big wave in the next 3 years. We publish our solar street lights and solar flood lights. In the furture, we will publish more solar LED lighting products for our partners and customers.

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