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31st July
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LED High Bay LightingIn order to meet requirements of commercial lighting, Lighting Orient release PC reflectors for LED high bay lights.

Diameter of new reflectors can be 16 or 19 feet. Effective is 69.9 degree(50%). It’s a better choice for high bay and low bay lighting in supermarkets and exhibition halls.

Besides, power of this item can be 30-100W. Efficiency of LED is over 90lm/w. CRI is over 70. Power factor is over 0.98.

For more information, please click and visit LED Industrial lighting.

19th July
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Lighting Orient plan to develop whole indoor lighting kits and system for commercial building. Now, we provide LED bulbs, spotlights, tube, panel, downlights, under cabinet lights and so on.

We will release LED track lights soon. With our remote controller, you can control the whole system.

Regarding indoor lighting, what’s more you want? Please let us know. We will try our best to add in our indoor lighting kits.

2nd July
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LED technology improved quickly in last 5 years, especially last two years. More and more customers accept LED lighting now. Why?

1. High Efficiency

Now, efficiency of LED is about twice than efficiency of fluorescent bulbs. It’s over 9 times higher than efficiency of incandescent bulbs.

2. Long Lifespan

LED technology become more and more mature now. LED lights are more and more stable. Customers from Europe and North American love high quality and amazing products. So, they accept these products.

3. Lower Cost

Cost of LED lights become lower and lower. So, customers buy more and more.

4. Eco-friendly

We believe most of customers and government love eco-friendly products and green environment.

So, if you are in lighting business and do not begin LED business, please take it into consideration asap.

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