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26th November
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In order to provide more competitive products to our partners, Lighting Orient improve structure of MR16 LED bulbs. New structure reduce cost of LED bulbs, so price is lower now.

New MR16 LED bulbs use CREE or Edision LED. Luminous flux is 60-85lm/w. CE and RoHS approved. We guarantee that our price is very competitive with similar quality. Quality is always our first concern.

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16th November
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Lighting Orient release 6W LED bulbs to replace 40W traditional incandescent bulbs. With our special structure design, cost isĀ 30% lower than common bulbs. We believe it’s helpful for more families to accept LED bulb in home lighting.

Most people know LED bulbs now, but 80% of our customers thought price of LED bulbs is high. Yes, it is higher than traditional bulbs. Now, Lighting Orient Co., Limited release new LED bulbs with special structure. Retail price of this item is less than $20. Dimmable feature and 3 years warranty are available.

If you are interested in ROI of LED bulbs, you can find a thread here If you are interested in working with us, please feel free to contact us here

7th November
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You may hear lots of advantages about LED lighting. Energy saving, eco-friendly, long lifespan…….balabalalbala. Yes, everyone love energy saving and eco-friendly products. However, you may think price of LED is high. So, you did not change all of your lighting to LED.

One good news is CREE, which is one of the best LED brand, will reduce price soon. Price of some price may be 20%-30% lower. After price of CREE LED become lower, we believe that most of other LED manufacturer will reduce price soon.

So, good news to everyone is that price of our LED lighting may be lower recently. It depends on manufacturer.

In 2015, we believe LED lighting will be used in most of commercial and home lighting application.

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