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28th April
written by LightingPro

With development of economic of the world, more and more people value Eco-friendly. Of course, LED lights will be covered in everybody’s life like Lighting Orient LED flood lights.

So what benefit of Lighting Orient Led flood light can bring us?

Lighting Orient LED floodlights are popular because of high quality and competitive price. They will meet all important standards all over the world. We have already got CE (Europe), RoHS (Europe) and C-TICK(Australia) approved. Up to 36 months warranty is available. Comparing to High Pressure Sodium or mercury Lamp, our LED floodlights can save about 50% – 70% electricity cost. Comparing with incandescent bulbs, our LED high bay lights can save over 80% electricity cost. Besides, the lifespan is 3 – 5 times longer than lifespan of sodium, which is 30 times longer than lifespan of incandescent bulbs.

Lighting Orient new arrival 20W LED Flood Lights LFL24-180FG can bring you surprise and excited.

Main Feature1. LED SourcesSingle powerful LED (20W) as the light source
2. Efficiency: 100lm/w
3. Work Voltage
4. Power factor
5. Fixture Efficiency
6. Ra>80
7. Color temperature (CCT)
8. No delay start
9. Absolutely eco-friendly: no UV, IR, lead or mercury
10. Waterproof: IP65
11. Net weight

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More detailed information. We believe Lighting Orient LED Flood lights will make your world brighter and widen.

25th April
written by LightingPro

    Lighting Orient Co., Limited is the High Quality LED Lights and Energy Saving Lighting Solution Provider. Our LED lighting is widely used in commercial, industrial, landscape, plant growing lighting and so on.                                                                                                   

    High-power LED street lamps have become the most economic, environmental friendly and energy-saving choice for street lighting in the world.

    Lighting Orient LED street lights are popular because of high quality and competitive price. Our LED street lights will meet all important standards all over the world. Products got CE(Europe), RoHS (Europe) and C-TICK(Australia) approved. Up to 36 months warranty is available. Comparing to High Pressure Sodium Lamp, our LED street light can save about 50% – 70% electricity cost. Besides, the lifespan of LED street lamp is 3 – 5 times to sodium and mercury Lamp’s. Dimmable (time based) feature is available.

    For example, our 30W, 60W, 100W and 180W LED street lights can replace 80W, 150W, 250W and 400W traditional high pressure sodium lights.


    With Approvals from CE, RoHs, and UL, Lighting Orient has completed some led street lighting projects and got a well reputation in overseas market.    Compared to other companies, Lighting Orient has a much more competitive price and a superior performance for the LED lights, which earn Lighting Orient a high popularity from the market. An increasing number of clients have expressed their intention to become one of distributors in their region after they got to know good quality and after-sales service in Lighting Orient.

Some project image of LED street lights as below:

17th April
written by LightingPro

BEIJING – The People’s Bank of China (PBOC), the country’s central bank, announced Saturday it will widen the yuan’s daily trading limit against the US dollar to 1 percent from Monday. 

In the foreign exchange spot market, Chinese banks can exchange the yuan 1 percent above or below the central parity against the US dollar announced by the China Foreign Exchange Trading System each trading day. 

Previously, the daily trading limit was set at 0.5 percent. 

The announcement came a month after PBOC governor Zhou Xiaochuan told Xinhua on the sidelines of the annual parliamentary session that the country is considering “appropriately” widening the yuan’s trading band to better reflect an exchange rate regime decided by market supply and demand. 

China’s current foreign exchange market is developing more maturely and trading entities are more capable of pricing independently and managing their risks, the PBOC said in a statement on its website. 

Adjusting to the demand of market development, widening the yuan’s trading band aims to promote exchange of the Renminbi, boost the yuan’s two-way fluctuation flexibility and improve the market-based managed floating exchange rate regime tied to a basket of foreign currencies, according to the PBOC. 

The central bank pledged in the statement that it will maintain the “normal fluctuation” of the yuan’s exchange rate, stabilize the rate at “reasonable and balanced levels,” and keep the macro economy and financial markets stable. 

Zhao Qingming, a senior researcher with China Construction Bank, said the widening of the yuan’s trading band against the US dollar is helpful to bring the exchange rate of the Chinese currency to balanced levels. 

“The PBOC’s move (to widen the trading band) has been much anticipated for a long time,” said Lu Zhengwei, chief economist of the Industrial Bank, welcoming the central bank’s long-awaited announcement. 

Lu said he hoped the trading band would be further extended, to 2.5 percent in about 10 months, then to between 10 percent to 20 percent in three years to prepare for the free floating to provide a buffer zone for the greenback’s future fluctuation. 

Calling it “a symbolic move” by the PBOC, HSBC economist Qu Hongbin said the widening of the trading band implies the trend for the yuan’s one-way appreciation has come to an end. 

“The yuan will be ushered into a new era of truly two-directional fluctuation,” Qu said, citing “great changes” in the yuan’s fundamentals. 

“China’s foreign trade is coming to an almost balanced level and the yuan has appreciated 30 percent against a basket of major currencies since 2005 to approach very closely the market’s balanced level,” Qu added. 

China swung back to a trade surplus in March from February’s deficit of $31.48 billion, posting a $670million trade surplus in the first quarter, according to customs data. 

However, Zhao Qingming, the economist for CCB, China’s second-largest lender, said whether China will allow a wider trading band remains unclear. 

“We can’t expect too much from it, because the widening is merely a technical adjustment,” he explained. 

According to Zhao, judging by the daily fluctuations of major currencies, it is extremely rare to see daily changes reach or exceed 1 percent. 

The yuan strengthened 5 basis points to 6.2879 against the US dollar on Friday. The central parity rate of the yuan against the US dollar is based on a weighted average of prices before the opening of the market each business day.

16th April
written by LightingPro

We, Lighting Orient released a 20W flood light. Using single high powerful LED light source, high efficiency LED driver, high quality aluminum body, and high intensity toughened glass cover. In order to saving the cost ofmanufacturing and transportation, the size of lamp body was narrowed down to 180mm*140mm*100mm. Using a traditional flood light as a guide, we design the flood light from a freshviewpoint. With black housing, it is a best choice for the lighting factories, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards, garden designs and some other outdoor places where need flood lighting and lights decoration.  We keep pace with The Times and progress. We will continuously develop new products to our customers, meet customer equirement! If you are interested in it, you can contact with us.

1st April
written by LightingPro

April 4th,2012 is China’s traditional Tomb-Sweeping Day and Chinese has three days legal  holidays from April 2nd to 4th for they go back to their hometown to worship their ancestors and families who has passed away. It is legended that there is a “Sacrifice Ceremony “ in  the ancient Chinese emperors , and then the folks follow up the act at this day to commemorate the dead person and sweep the tomb at his grave so it becomes a fixed customs of Chinese nation with dynasties followed. Though in modern times of 21century Chinese people still not forget the festival and it becomes more and more significant because people leave their hometown to work so go back home to worship ancestors and commemorate the dead families at least one time in a year is very important to us.

The customs of Ching Ming Day is to grave and plant trees. To plant trees is because before Tomb-Sweeping Festival, the sunlight sunny and the rainfall abundant so the survival rate of seedlings is high and the trees grow faster, therefore, since ancient times, China hold the habit of tree planting at Ching Ming and every March 12 is Arbor Day. The diet customs also particular at this day. Most places eat a kind of green tortillas which was made of wild plant. The material is not common vegetables which grows in ground and you can find it only during the April . People take the juice of the wild plant after it is been smashed and mixed the juice with glutinous rice flour ,after a round flour made then put them in the steamer and after half an hour it  can be eaten.