16th June
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Dragon Boat Festival is also named Duanwu Festival. It’s traditional festival in China.

Dragon Boat Festival is believed to have originated in ancient China. A number of theories exist about its origins. Today, most of people believe Drago Boat Festival is for Qu Yuan, who is poet and statesman of the Chu kingdom during the Warring States period.

On Dragon Boat Festival, three of the most widespread activities are eating (and preparing) zongzi, drinking realgar wine, and racing dragon boats.

Have a nice holiday!

28th February
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In order to provide better service for customers who do not speak English, we will release multi language website soon.

We will release French, German and Spanish version this time. We will recruit people who can speak French, German and Spanish.

If you are not good at English, hope you are satisfied with this services.

2nd August
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Thank you for support and trust from our customers from all over the world. Our products have been sold to

North America: USA and Canada.

Center America: Jamaica and EL Salvador

South America: Venezuela and Chile

Europe: German, Frence, Spain, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland and Iceland

More: Australia, New zealand, French Polynesia, Iran, South Africa, India and so on. (more…)

24th May
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Because technology of LED improved, effiency of LED became higher and higher. Price became lower and lower. Many customers accpet our LED products. Our LED street lights, LED flood lights, LED industrial lights and LED strips are popular in many countries.

Initial effiency of our products is over 100lm/w. Maintain effiency of our products is over 80lm/w. So, they are widely used to replace incandescent, high pressure sodium, mercury and halogen lamps.

Because of energy saving, price of solar kits for LED lights is much lower. So, solar LED lights are accept in many projects.

Technology of solar and LED improved fast. Thereby, we believe solar LED lights will be a big wave in the next 3 years. We publish our solar street lights and solar flood lights. In the furture, we will publish more solar LED lighting products for our partners and customers.

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16th December
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Grow lights are an electric lamp which designed to promote plant growth. They emit an electromagnetic spectrum appropriate for photosynthesis. Sorted by light sources, we can find Incandescent, Fluorescent, Metal-Halide (MH) HID, High-pressure sodium lamps and LED grow lights in the market.
Because of LED technology progress recently, LED grow lights are attractive to indoor and outdoor growers since they do not consume as much power, do not require ballasts and produce a fraction of the heat of HID lamps.
If you are looking for grow lights, you may take LED grow lights into consideration because of the following features. (more…)

7th December
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Revenue Down Time

For some companies, it’s not only about the cost of changing lamps. What happens when revenue-generating machinery has to be shut down in order to replace the lamps above them? A large carpet manufacturer states that to change a lamp over one of their looms, they have to shut down the revenue-generating loom. When the electrical maintenance crew is doing that, they are not fixing broken looms, so lighting maintenance is not only a cost impact, but it reduces capacity utilization and revenue. In addition to the convention center and heavy manufacturing examples discussed above, there are several other commercial and industrial segments that face potentially high lighting maintenance costs.

Offshore drilling platforms (more…)