4th May
written by LightingPro

    Are you searching for high quality light which can replace HPS in warehouse? Lighting Orient industrial lights can be your best choice.



Main Benefits

High Brightness-100lm/w is 10 times than incandescent lamps.

Long Life – It can be up to 50,000 hours.

Robust Design – Shock and vibration resistant.

Eco-Friendly – No leads, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases

Save Money – Reduce maintain and electricity cost. Save 50% – 70% electricity cost comparing with traditional sodium and mercury lamp.

High Efficiency – Power factor>95%.

Excellent Photometric Design – No ill glare, abrupt or frequent flashes

Perfect Combination With solar Energy System

Easy installation and dismounting. Wide application is also a main advantage

Hot sale industrial model: LIL1705/520 uses single high power (50-100W) LED as light source. Comparing with high power sodium lamps, it can save 60% energy. LIL1705 is widely used in workshops, factories, storehouses, toll stations, gas stations, supermarkets, exhibition halls and gymnasium.

Why LIL1705/520 so hot? Its good material can not be neglected.


Anodized aluminum tensile reflector;

Patented heat body design;

Acrylic sealing cover;

Single powerful LED;

High efficiency LED driver

Why it is a real eco-friendly and power saving product?

It can show the colors of the objects in a more clear way; a great diversity of light colors is available to meet different needs in various environments. This will eliminate depressions caused by traditional lights high color temperature or low color temperature so the excellent color rendering function can bring comfortable vision effect and help improve working efficiency.

If you want to get more detailed information about Lighting Orient industrial light, please do not hesitate to click here:  http://www.ledlightsorient.com/50100w-led-industrial-lighting-lil1705-520mm-diameter-p-132.html, I think you do get what you want.

2nd May
written by LightingPro

High Quality LED Lighting And Lighting Solution Provider-Lighting Orient Co., Limited provides high quality LED indoor lights like LED panel lights.

LED Panel features as below:

1. Non-delay start, high luminous efficiency, no radiation, no ultraviolet, harmlessness to skin and eye, and using safely.

2. Energy-saving patented product with aluminum casing, lightweight and stable structure, and easy to assemble.

3. Adopting single high power LED as the light source, which are packaged with our own technologyhigh color rendering, no bad glare and flicker.

4. Lampshade adopts imported acrylic sheet, to ensure the output flux, and improve the uniformity of light effect and solar energy utilization.

5. Buckle embedded and lifting these two kinds of installation makes structure reasonable and installation flexible and convenient.

6. Environment friendly, high stability, no contamination to environment

Lighting Orient Led Panel light has four installation styles: lifting, circlip, inlay fixed, and embedded.
    Fix the LED Panel light on top of structure first, and then connect according to the marks on power terminals. After ensuring everything is ready, switch on the powerful supply, and the panel light can work properly. More detailed information you can visit

LED panel light is widely applied in public places like office, exhibition center, store and other general or partial lighting; market, bank, hospital, restaurant, hotel and so on.

Some images we used for project as below:


16th April
written by LightingPro

We, Lighting Orient released a 20W flood light. Using single high powerful LED light source, high efficiency LED driver, high quality aluminum body, and high intensity toughened glass cover. In order to saving the cost ofmanufacturing and transportation, the size of lamp body was narrowed down to 180mm*140mm*100mm. Using a traditional flood light as a guide, we design the flood light from a freshviewpoint. With black housing, it is a best choice for the lighting factories, gymnasiums, yards, advertising boards, garden designs and some other outdoor places where need flood lighting and lights decoration.  We keep pace with The Times and progress. We will continuously develop new products to our customers, meet customer equirement! If you are interested in it, you can contact with us.

1st April
written by LightingPro

April 4th,2012 is China’s traditional Tomb-Sweeping Day and Chinese has three days legal  holidays from April 2nd to 4th for they go back to their hometown to worship their ancestors and families who has passed away. It is legended that there is a “Sacrifice Ceremony “ in  the ancient Chinese emperors , and then the folks follow up the act at this day to commemorate the dead person and sweep the tomb at his grave so it becomes a fixed customs of Chinese nation with dynasties followed. Though in modern times of 21century Chinese people still not forget the festival and it becomes more and more significant because people leave their hometown to work so go back home to worship ancestors and commemorate the dead families at least one time in a year is very important to us.

The customs of Ching Ming Day is to grave and plant trees. To plant trees is because before Tomb-Sweeping Festival, the sunlight sunny and the rainfall abundant so the survival rate of seedlings is high and the trees grow faster, therefore, since ancient times, China hold the habit of tree planting at Ching Ming and every March 12 is Arbor Day. The diet customs also particular at this day. Most places eat a kind of green tortillas which was made of wild plant. The material is not common vegetables which grows in ground and you can find it only during the April . People take the juice of the wild plant after it is been smashed and mixed the juice with glutinous rice flour ,after a round flour made then put them in the steamer and after half an hour it  can be eaten.  

11th March
written by LightingPro
 Before the policy of Reform and Opening-up in China,Shenzhen is just a small broder town,called “small fish village”.No convenient traffic,no tall mansions,no bustling steets,people lived in other places wouldn’t know this city.
  However the Reform and Openging-up has brought great changes to Shenzhen which people could not imagine.The old poor towm has diappeared without a trace ,instead by remarkable Emperor Mansion,steady stream of crowd, eye-catching neon light…
 Huaqiang North now has become the largest trading market of electronic products in China.As the most bustling commercail streets in Shenzhen, the daily volume of peopel is 50million, it is the major hub for the circulation of electronic products,especially the whosale and retail business of mobile phone which is known all over the country,even all over the world.

Huangqiang North in 1983


Haungqiang North in 2012


Welcome to Shenzhen,China

9th March
written by LightingPro
       Firstly, Happy International Women’s Day! International Women’s Day originally called International Working Women’s Day,Which was set up on March 8 every year to celebrate the important contributions and achievements made by women in economic, political and social fields.
      How did you spend your International Women’s Day? Someone got a appointment, someone went shopping, or someone had a nice dinner. We got a half-day off. Our company organized to play badminton activities. I like to play badminton. I think the white ball flew in the air and it was very beautifu and exciting. What’s more, I think playing badminton is one of the best way to make strong and healthy. It can also let me make lots of friends. Even though we are not professional, we are good badminton player. We have spend a very nice holiday.