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2nd August
written by LightingPro

With development of economic of the world, more and more people value Eco-friendly. Of course, LED lights will be covered in everybody’s life like Lighting Orient LED flood lights.

So what benefit of Lighting Orient Led flood light LFL20-115TG can bring us?

Lighting Orient LED floodlights are popular because of high quality and competitive price. They will meet all important standards all over the world. We have already got CE (Europe), RoHS (Europe) and C-TICK(Australia) approved. Up to 36 months warranty is available. Comparing to High Pressure Sodium or mercury Lamp, our LED floodlights can save about 50% – 70% electricity cost. Comparing with incandescent bulbs, our LED high bay lights can save over 80% electricity cost. Besides, the lifespan is 3 – 5 times longer than lifespan of sodium, which is 30 times longer than lifespan of incandescent bulbs.

Main Features:

Save Money, save 50% – 70% electricity cost comparing with Save 70% electricity cost compared with

Traditional HPS or Mercury flood lights, saves over 80% electricity cost then halogen lamps.

High Performance Housing, very hard get scratched, if scratched with a knife, no scratch left after erase by hands.

Instant-On Light, no Flicker, No Delayed Startup Time.

Eco-friendly, no Harmful No leads, mercury, argon, xenon or krypton gases.

No maintain cost, reduces Re-lamp Frequency and No Ballast Replacement Costs. 2 Year free warranty.

Even Lighting, high Intensity / No Halation.

Reduces Light Pollution, no Wasted Light.

Cool Operation, generates Minimal Heat Compared to MH and HPS Lamps.

Wide Ambient Temperature,-20°C-+40°C.

Easy and flexible installation, be adjustable in any angle.

High Brightness, 100lm/w. 10 times than incandescent lamps.

Excellent Photometric Design, no ill glare, abrupt or frequent flashes.

Perfect Combination With solar Energy System, profession lighting Solution can be provided accordingly.


Die-casting aluminum crust ;High intensity toughened glass cover, Frosted glass is available; High purity

Aluminum reflector; Single high powerful LED light source.



Factories, Gymnasiums, Yards, Advertising boards, Buildings, Lawns, Garden designs, Indoor and outdoor portable lighting. Some other outdoor places where need flood lighting and lights decoration .

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