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11th March
written by LightingPro
 Before the policy of Reform and Opening-up in China,Shenzhen is just a small broder town,called “small fish village”.No convenient traffic,no tall mansions,no bustling steets,people lived in other places wouldn’t know this city.
  However the Reform and Openging-up has brought great changes to Shenzhen which people could not imagine.The old poor towm has diappeared without a trace ,instead by remarkable Emperor Mansion,steady stream of crowd, eye-catching neon light…
 Huaqiang North now has become the largest trading market of electronic products in China.As the most bustling commercail streets in Shenzhen, the daily volume of peopel is 50million, it is the major hub for the circulation of electronic products,especially the whosale and retail business of mobile phone which is known all over the country,even all over the world.

Huangqiang North in 1983


Haungqiang North in 2012


Welcome to Shenzhen,China

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